We are delighted to announce that Hotel BKLYN LEI has achieved the Green Tourism Gold Award.
We work with Green Tourism to monitor and make improvements to the sustainability of the hotel. We are committed to ensuring that we measure and evaluate our current practices, adopting the most effective policies to minimise our carbon footprint and adhere to sustainable practices wherever possible. Below you can learn about initiatives adopted by Hotel Brooklyn Leicester.

Reduction in waste and energy

We use energy-efficient LED lightbulbs saving up to 80% more energy and lasting 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. To reduce plastic waste, we offer full-size, pump-topped bottles of The White Company toiletries and have eliminated plastic straws. Moreover, we use eco-friendly takeaway containers, ensuring biodegradable and eco-friendly options for our guests.


Our low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads ensure substantial water savings compared to traditional fixtures. We also encourage guests to make eco-friendly choices by offering the option to forego housekeeping services, helping save water and reduce energy consumption.


We cooperate with certified companies which collect used cooking oil, paper, cardboard and food. We are proud of our 98% recycling record.


  • We operate a no-smoking policy throughout the hotel and on outdoor terraces.
  • We grow bee-loving plants on bedrooms’ terraces and our public garden.
  • We favour local suppliers, products and services, only going further afield for valid reasons.
  • Paperless procedures are in place to reduce printing and paper usage.


We pursue opportunities to introduce appropriate ‘green’ technologies that offer benefits to our business and the community within which we operate. We involve and inform our staff, partners, suppliers and customers of our activities to encourage innovation, fresh ideas and share best practice and to ensure that consideration of environmental issues becomes embedded in all activities.